Now that I finally have this site rendering reliably (it only took two false starts and a week of worrying too much over looks to post any content) I suppose it’s time to post.

This blog is here to provide a more permanent and open record of things I’m doing, reading, thinking about, going to, and so on. With most of my skills coming from self-directed learning rather than formal education, it’s become important to create some kind of accessible record of that learning.

And while my Mastodon profiles aren’t locked, they’re not that open.

I plan to deliver one weekly summary of what I’m up to, interspersed with posts about whatever is interesting through the week. This ensures that I’m posting something regularly, but without putting too much pressure on myself to come up with something.

Bear with me while I get the rest of this site to look nice, and while I figure out how media embeds work.

(You may have noticed the page links as well - feel free to click though. They’ll give you an idea for now.)

Bear with me while I get the layout and colours polished up, and there’ll be something more interesting here in the future…

It’s also noticeable that I don’t have a comments section. For the record, if you feel the need to respond to a post, please email me or contact me through one of the provided social media links.

Part of the reason I haven’t added commenting is that I don’t have the patience or energy for comment moderation. (The other part is that I have no idea how to do that. I’m also at the level of cheapskate where I refuse to pay for such things.)

I will usually respond privately, but I will always ask before responding publicly; I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask in advance for the same courtesy.


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