I’m back from my trip, and somewhat rested and recovered. Here’s what I’ve been doing.

Garb alterations and continuations

The serk that I altered for GSG, more or less back to its original state. Now with completed neckline stitching!

I took the facing off of my serk, and unpicked the sleeves. I then finished the buttonhole stitching on the neckline (didn’t take as long as expected, only about half of the first season of Sacred Games). On my other serk, I’ve finished the remaining sleeve flat-felling, will hem it tomorrow, and then finish its neckline too.

I’ve also started buttonhole stitching the edge of the wool cloak and rain cloak, and I’ll get on the hoods soon. (Yes, I am regretting this, because oh god there’s so much of it to do…and I can’t exactly leave it unfinished since that looks even worse. I can’t get any good photos because the embroidery floss I’m using matches the fabrics too well and my phone camera thus refuses to focus on it properly.) The rain hood definitely needs some more trimming and tidying.

At some point I’ll get to fixing up the sleeves of the two cotes. My new plan is to make seperate cuffs, which I might put some cotton sateen on since I have lots left. I’ll make sure that they will overlap and close correctly for buttoning as well, and I’ll gather the existing un-tapered part of the sleeves into the cuffs.

New things!

The hood, partly finished. I'll hem it by machine, though I'm doing the panel covering the interfacing by hand for convenience.

I’ve made a linen Skjoldeham hood using the leftover undyed linen and leftover interfacing - I did most of it within one day, though seam treatments and such are taking a bit longer. I’m tired of hats being blown off of my head, and I don’t have any hoodies light enough to wear in warm weather, so this is the next best option. (Hopefully, the extra layers of fabric in the hood won’t negate how cooling linen is.) I’m contemplating some decorative buttonhole or similar stitching around the hood opening in a contrasting colour like a medium blue - we’ll see.

I’m also soon to get back to working on another Collegian’s garb with them - we’re waiting for the end of the semester. The fabric for a smock is already purchased and pre-washed, so that can be dealt with and fitted correctly before we move onto the cote and surcote. (While this Collegian really wants to do some later period styles, I’m not very confident in making those items and I’m intending this to be the ‘you have something decent to wear to a garbed event’ set.)

Wishlist updates

On my Wishlistr I’ve added some patterns that I want to try out going forward. I’m mainly interested in the Thread Theory patterns - when I asked about patterns at The Drapery, the ladies there told me that Thread Theory provides a lot of extra online resources and help, and they’ve tried some of them and can confirm that they’re good. I don’t mind that they’re menswear - my thinking is that it’ll be easiest to work with items for other people initially, and once I’ve had some success I’ll figure out how to make stuff for myself. Slopers are a two-person job that take experience - I have a bodice sloper, but I’ll need more than that to make a lot of the womenswear patterns I’m looking at. I’m also not confident in fitting stuff to myself, but I don’t yet know anyone experienced enough to help me out there yet. (There’s a book on the wishlist on garment fitting too, if anyone feels generous this Christmas.)

Life updates

I’m three assignments away from all my coursework being done, and I’m starting on those now…well, in theory. I have plenty of time though.

I’ve also put in applications for a couple of casual jobs (hopefully hearing back in the coming week!) and will be applying for a couple more very soon. Which will be very helpful with the big upheaval incoming - I may soon be moving in with some friends.

I’ve considered setting up a Patreon or similar, but because my output isn’t very regular at the moment, I’ve felt that it might not be suitable to that system. I’ve had ideas percolating for a small business for a long time, but my local small business advice people have closed their office permanently and moved to a much more difficult location, and I’ve previously found myself even more overwhelmed and confused when I went to another small business center. My thought is that I should wait until uni is wrapped up and until I know what’s happening in terms of employment (mainly in the sense that if I do get a job, whether I have the time and energy to do something like this) before making any further moves that way.

Moving won’t disrupt the blog - it’s not hosted physically by me - and hopefully once uni has wrapped for the year I’ll have more time to write about (and do) projects, with the added bonus of a much nicer photographing location.


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