Haha. Remember how optimistic I was about Spotlight’s fabrics?


After enduring two visits to two Spotlight stores - I seem to choose the worst times, when they’re crowded and understaffed, and the staff at one were giving me stink-eye when I kept coming back to ask for more swatches - I’ve found out that my backup cote fabric is…not really heavy. Or warm. At all.

Spotlight’s broadcloth is more comparable to a slightly thicker poplin. Another Barony member has made winter chemises out of it - that’s how thin it is. So I’m going with a cotton duck instead. As a tip: Spotlight sells ‘plain duck weave’ which is much wider than the cotton duck that they sell, comes in the same colours, and is basically the exact same fabric. It’s in the upholstery area.

I ended up changing colours with the cream liner as well, as the lemon flannel was too dark. Winter white was much closer.

As to the rain cloak liner…it’s not going to match. The only colour I could find that closely matched the navy flannelette was a stretch cotton sateen, and I don’t do stretch fabrics. It’s not a total loss though; I had chosen navy blue back when I thought the oilcloth was dark green, not brown, so I’m switching to a black liner since they do actually match. I’ve also found a method to piece the cloak liners so I don’t have to buy quite as much fabric.

I’ve also made some other alterations, per advice from the Lochac Costumers group on Facebook and other garb-makers. On the cote, I’m doing the gusseted sleeve (with a smaller, diamond-shaped gusset) rather than transitional, as the earliest I can get a body block made is September 2 (which gives me a little over a week to do all the machine sewing, right when I have multiple assignments due). I’ll be doing the two-panel body layout, and using the more substantive excess from that to make self-stuffed buttons for the forearms.

Both cloaks are also now going to fasten at the shoulder, and I’m making the hoods as separate pieces. The ‘skirt’ of the hoods should fall to just past my shoulders, which should cover any gap left by the cloak. I won’t be doing liripipes on the hoods though, because I’m just not into liripipes at all. (I’ll probably do a sewn-shut front on the oilcloth hood, and I’m considering if I have enough extra fabric to do a couple of self-stuffed buttons on the wool hood.)

And, while I count down the days until I can order the fabrics (and with the faint hope that someone else will need 2.5m of something and so get me the 20% off discount for ordering more than 10m of fabric) I’m slowly getting my serks sorted. I’ve had to just finish up the sleeves, hems, and as much flat-felling as possible on one because Lenten Feast is tomorrow night and I need one set of Viking garb to be ready for that, but the other has its new back gores tacked in place, with the center seam to be tacked for testing…soon. (There’s no Sunday training this week due to a tournament, but I also have a presentation due on Thursday and need to actually start at least one assignment.)

Finally, I’ve been quietly drooling over some of the fabrics at The Drapery, all of which are far too expensive for me to even think about (but that doesn’t stop me from looking). They even have two wools I could use to make a replacement apron-dress (only one of which needs dyeing)…but, one is effectively $52/m and the other $61/m. So that’s just going to have to wait, I think.


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