I mean, I’m cutting everything extremely fine, but uh…I might just make it.

An incredibly generous anonymous donor has helped me out with my fabric purchases, so I’ve been able to cover the whole lot in one go! That’s speeding up the most time-consuming part of this project, as well as soothing some fears I had about travel bookings and covering my ticket for GSG.

At present, all signs point to me taking the Overland train rather than flying. I need checked luggage, but once that’s added to the ‘lowest cost’ airfares for the dates I’m travelling on…it adds up to about the same. But on the train, I can take two 20kg bags - while I’m not sure, I think my sewing machine and some fabric (for padding) will come out to a bit under that. (I will check though. Just in case.)

The slight downside is that it’s an 11-hour ride, and on the cheapest ticket I have to BYO food or pay the (rather inflated) onboard prices. But I have plenty to do for that time - trying to make self-stuffed buttons, reading, writing, crochet, knitting, spinning…

I’ll be spending the 3 weeks leading up to GSG in Melbourne, hopefully catching up with some people I met at ICW - and obviously, my very patient SO. I had originally set aside this time for finishing up hand-sewing-required parts of the garb, but now that I can take the machine, I won’t be in such a rush between assignment deadlines and finishing garb.

I’m also making headway on accessories - so far, I have a narrow ‘leather’ belt that I can hopefully change the buckle on and add a strap-end to without too much trouble, and I’ve acquired another larger pouch that just needs some hanger cords.

And now to my latest frustration.

Gores. What are they good for. Don’t @ me.

My garb plans are fairly well finalized, but I’m still fighting with my back serk gore.

This is my third attempt to get it set in neatly. Go on, see if you can guess where I did it wrong the other two times.

The problem is that the point doesn't sit neatly; the center seam is not lining up with the center of the slit, so the gore is going to sit strangely at the top if left this way.

Tapering the seam line seems obvious now, but I seriously didn’t think about it at the time. And I regret that.

I really do think this third attempt will work though. Really. Swearsy realsies. I’m going to unpick (again) and try the method outlined here but using the machine because my handsewing did not help at all in the first attempt.

(I swear I’ll go get some proper help with this if the next attempt doesn’t work. Even if it means lugging the sewing machine halfway across the city.)

On the plus side, from a test this does indeed make my skirt hem big enough to walk comfortably. So I know what to do now.

I’ve also unpicked the gore center seams, because I flat-felled them in a frankly very strange way. One serk has all of its flat-felling finished though, and sleeves properly hemmed; the next will soon receive the same treatment once I get this back gore in neatly…

Hopefully, the unaltered serk will go easier once this one works. I’ve had to leave one untouched because of the Lenten Feast and upcoming Newcomer’s Feast, but it’ll soon be on the altering table too.


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