I’m plugging away at all of this nicely, despite having a stomach bug over the weekend that is really taking the energy out of me.

I took my peacock blue linen to the last A&S night before departure, to make sure it got cut correctly. For whatever reason, the cotton cote’s pieces didn’t all match up, and this made some things a bit more difficult than they needed to be. Additionally, I needed reminders to a) stay-stitch my gores and b) not cut all of the gores in half. I didn’t get all of the pieces cut that night, but they’re cut and stay-stitched now, and partly pieced together. I also have both cloak liners pieced together, and both hood liners. (And I’ve learned how to iron flannelette properly - press-and-lift, otherwise the weave distorts.)

The cotton cote’s neckline facing is on (though it’s quite messy) and it’s effectively almost finished except for the back gore. I’m going to set the points of the front and back gores by hand though, because they’re proving far too frustrating by machine for reasons probably relating to not-quite-accurate cutting. I also have the cream linen neckline facing on one serk (though I really should cut strips to put onto the keyhole, and try to do those neater than on the cotton cote). The hems look quite good, but I still want to properly re-check them.

Finally, I did manage to order the cutlery set, as well as all the parts for the belt and the brooch. I also got hold of a rivet-setting tool to make the belt. The sewing machine is light enough to take with me, though I’ll need to pad it very well with fabric and foam.

The next things on my agenda, beyond constructing the linen cote, are to cut the cloak fabrics and start putting together the hood outers.

I swear, next time I’ll have photos! And I’ll write more!


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