Well, I did it. I got my sewing machine and fabric into a suitcase. I’m still figuring out how I’ll fit everything else into my other suitcase and carry-on bag, but I have the advantage that the train company only checks weight on suitcases.

The next few updates will come from Melbourne, and this time I swear with photos!

Status of various things

Veil and wimple: Done.

Linen filet: Not even started.

Apron: Not even started, I was waiting to see how much fabric I had left from doing the new gores on the serks.

Cotton cote: 90% done? Hasn’t been hemmed, seams are still raw, sleeves are still not done, but everything else is finished.

Linen cote: 40% done. Gores have been stay-stitched, but not cut yet; body panel shoulder seam is stitched. I haven’t cut the gussets yet either because I got a bit lost and couldn’t remember how to symmetrical diamonds.

Wool cloak: 50% done? The liner is put together, and I’ve outlined the shape of the cloak and stay-stitched it for good measure.

Wool hood: 30% done? The liner needs to be finished (front and back gores only half in, side gores not yet in) and the hood outside needs to actually be cut.

Oilcloth cloak: 40% done. I haven’t done anything with the oilcloth yet, but I have the liner put together.

Oilcloth hood: 20% done; the liner is only partly finished to the same stage as the wool hood’s liner.

Serk 1: 90% done; I just need to redo its hems and tack the sleeves back.

Serk 2: 50% done; I haven’t done the new neckline facing, or the hems.

I’m also going to make a couple of pieces of fingerloop braid to use as hanging cords for my new pouch, and possibly replace the hanging cords on my old pouch too. Fingerloop braid seems like it might hold up better to being sewn onto something than twisted cord, plus it’s more accurate. I just have to figure out how to make it always be round, and how to make it long enough to be useful as a hanging cord.


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