Well. A lot of delays this first week in Melbourne. I came down with some kind of cold or flu or something while on the train, so I’ve spent the first week exhausted by coughing fits and poor sleep, and so not getting a lot done.

Still, I think I’ve made up for the lost time this week.

No photos in this post, because by the time I got to posting I’d done so much. And photo editing takes ages on a laptop. And getting the formatting right also takes ages. Next post, I swear!

New feasting gear, brooch and belt

I need to make some wood butter for the feasting gear - I washed off the wax coating it shipped with, which has resulted in some weird rust spots (or something like them).

The belt is proving much trickier than expected though. I’m using an awl to make the rivet holes, but that keeps disorting the shape of the strap, necessitating more shaping and trimming. So, I’m going to take it to the next St Monica’s A&S night, where someone is possibly bringing a proper leatherworker’s holepunch.

The sexfoil brooch has a much blunter pin than expected, so I think I’m definitely going to have to make buttonholes on the cloaks to use it. Probably not a bad thing though.

Garment updates

Blue cotton cote: Just needs the lower sleeves done, and buttons. I swear I’ll get to them! I’m starting the front and back gore seam treatments too; I’ve fixed the points of the front and back gores.

Blue linen cote: Lower sleeves, seam treatments, hem and buttons.

Altered serk: I swear I’m getting to tacking the sleeves back.

Wool hood: I had some trouble with it bunching around the neck, but apparently that’s just an issue with the style. So, I just need to get the liner sewn in around the face opening, then figure out hemming it.

Wool cloak: Again thanks to the St Monica’s crew, I have it actually cut now! So now I just need to get the liner hemmed and on, and then decide if I’m going to round off the neckline or not. And figure out putting in a buttonhole for the sexfoil brooch.

Oilcloth hood: It is cut! And now it must be sewn together. I’ve been holding off on it though, because that means changing the needle in the sewing machine. I’m going to experiment with shortening the face opening and the hood’s height overall, and see how the fit goes.

Oilcloth cloak: Also cut, finally. So now I just have to work out the liner.

Apron: I’ll get to it, hopefully.


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