I’ve blasted through quite a few things now that I’m a bit more recovered and settled in, but there’s still…a concerning amount of work to do. Still. Onwards! And with some photos - my camera didn’t want to cooperate sometimes, and I ran out of time to take more photos. I’ll do a final after-GSG post with everything though.

(Hopefully, there will be some share-able photos of me in the garb. We’ll see…)

Garment updates

Blue cotton cote: Hemmed, but I didn’t get the sleeves done in time.

Top image is of the cote right-side-out, bottom is the neckline. The roughness is still very visible, though ironically this one fits over a lot better.

Blue linen cote: Awaiting buttons and buttonholes, and some tidying up. Most of the seams are treated, bar the sleeves and one shoulder. (The neckline may end up needing those cord-and-button closure though, as it may not overlap well - an oversight on my part.)

I couldn't get the camera to cooperate well here for some reason, so there's only a photo of the neckline. It's a lot cleaner on the right side (as shown) but it needs cleaning up on the inside. Unfortunately, my plan for a two-piece seamed neckline facing didn't work out.

Altered serk: Very nearly done - I just want to hand-sew on a couple of small strips of white linen to tidy up that neckline edge.

I have yet to see how these sleeves fit, granted. They're only tack-stitched back, and I do plan to make a cream linen smock in the future for this garb set.

Wool hood: Done!

It is very warm and comfy, though I've found no workable solution to the neckline bunching yet. I intend to blanket-stitch the bottom hem, but probably at a later date.

Wool cloak: Very nearly done - the kangaroo pocket and card pocket aren’t essential though, and I can probably wait to do the edging as well. I do need to redo these buttonholes though, as it turns out they’re not quite spaced wide enough for the clasp.

Top image shows the liner, bottom image hopefully shows the two buttonholes. Unfortunately, they're too close together to fit through my clasp, though it remains to be seen as well if I can actually fit both edges into the clasp or if I'll be using it as ornament only and securing the cloak with safety pins.

Oilcloth hood: Liner is hemmed and being secured to the the outer,

Oilcloth cloak: Awaiting clasp holes, then it’ll be done.

Wood butter: Done, using an alfoil boat floating on a pot of water.

The wood butter was made with rice bran oil as I had it on hand, at a lower ratio than the original recipe - I used a 1:3 ratio of beeswax:oil, as I intend to apply it with a cloth and I'm hoping the higher wax content will let it last longer.

Apron: Ran out of time, but I will make one at some point. (Heck, I might even get most of it done at GSG, who knows?) I have a bottle cover in the works too, I just need to make a fingerloop cord for it and stitch the top foldover.


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