Oops. Forgot to update this for a while. Oh well.

So, the shorter news: I live in a much nicer place with much more crafting room and much more understanding housemates, I’ve started a Certificate III of Applied Fashion Design at TAFE, and I’ve made a few things over the last 3 months.

I have a few posts planned and I’m going to deliver this time, I swear.

Making Stuff

Some things I’ve made since the last post…

Socks: I made a full-size pair of Survival Socks, finally, for a housemate going overseas very soon. I’m also going to try to make some fingerless gloves in the remains of the yarns, but I doubt I’ll get them done in time.

Gloves: I finally finished my Jo Sharp Mulberry Silk Georgette gloves! I had to quite heavily modify the pattern to both ensure the weave is nice and dense on my hands (so I’m actually warm) and meet the needed gauge with such a thin yarn. Next up is going to be a scarf, again in Doe and Orinoco, while I try to get my SO’s gloves in Pinafore working.

Dresses: I finally made myself a new smock! It has some small issues, but given that it’s underwear and it’s been quite a while since I made a full dress from scratch, it’s not bad. I have no idea how I’ll hem it though…

I’ve also very nearly finished a replacement apron-dress for my Viking garb, in a lovely coat-weight pure wool from The Fabric Store. I’m still working out what I’m going to do with the ‘neckline’ to address the underarm gaping, but thanks to some overestimation on my part, it may be a non-issue.

I still need to fix the peacock blue cote’s sleeves, and I’ll need to get on it soon since Rowany Festival is just over a month away…

I also have some gorgeous slate blue extra-wide linen from The Drapery (unfortunately, not listed on their site anymore) that I want to make another cote out of, with some copper silk dupion to make a contrast neckline facing and sleeve liners.

I re-toiled the Arum dress, and yes - it definitely needs a full bust adjustment on me. I also feel like the back needs some adjustment to match up properly to the front (I honestly don’t know why it’s not) and the sleeves need to be made larger. (Didn’t think I had guns, but uhhh apparently I do?)

I’m mid-toile on the Fielder dress, and tracing the Ooh La leggings and Coppelia cardigan. I have some cheap cotton jersey (2-way stretch) for the toiling, and since I now have a working overlocker I have some hope of being able to work with stretch fabrics.

And, I have 94cm of 150cm wide black linen (as a remnant) to create my Roadtrip Skirt.

Bookbinding: I had to make myself a new swatch book. The old one is looking a bit sad, on account of being softcover and having way too much fabric shoved into it. The new one will be Coptic-bound, partly because the other way takes too much glue and partly because I wanted it to be hardcover.

So far, I have my cover boards, my paper, and I’m slowly folding and preparing my stations; I’m waiting for some linen thread to ship. I also have some really pretty pale blue leather (a gift from Master Padraig) to add to the cover boards and protect the spine after the book is complete.

So, that’s where I’m at for now. I’ll make some tips and tricks posts over the coming days, and then I’ll hopefully have some project posts and upates to make.


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