I’m not dead, I just haven’t been blogging. Uni is finally over for now, and I’m on the home stretch for ICW.

My garb

After a frustrating fight with my serk mockup, I had a generous offer of much more assistance from a Barony member while at an Arts & Sciences night. Three weeks later, I have one serk almost finished (down to flat-felling the seams and hemming), the other serk ready to assemble, and my apron-dress very nearly done! The only not-even-started pieces are my cap, drawstring pouch and needle case.

They’ve also generously lent me some feasting gear, a handbag, a bottle cover, and some jewellery.

Sadly, my coat won’t be happening for ICW. From my research, it’s just too difficult to dye wool reliably without a non-trivial amount of extra equipment and planning. And, since I was planning to use upholstery wool, my usual sewing machine won’t hold up to it.

My treadle-power Singer is finally in the shop; while the damage was a little scary, they’re able to fix it. It’s costing about $250, mainly in labour to clean up quite a severe case of rust and general nastiness courtesy of the Wingfield landfill (from which the machine was rescued by its previous owner). It’s able to handle the upholstery wool, but it’s not going to be finished until mid-late July.

So, no coat. Instead, I’m taking my brown and white brushed wool blanket, as well as a loaned chevron-pattern blanket (which is unfortunately a poly/wool blend so unsafe near the fires, but it’ll be fine for photos).

I also won’t be doing a filet and veil, as apparently that’s not quite period for what I’m doing; instead, it’ll be a Jorvik cap in some gray suiting wool (which I have to double-layer; I unfortunately couldn’t afford a heavier wool for it).

Something I want to do post-ICW is to make a cardstock pattern block for both of these; that way, I can not only check my layout before cutting, but also be able to quickly reuse them to make more serks. I would like to adapt the serk pattern to make a more tailored summer dress, but honestly, I could just throw a wide belt around the current one and call it boho-chic.

My serks

With the assistance of the Barony member, they were completed fairly nicely. The two slowest parts have been cutting the fabric, and buttonhole-stitching the neckline (the latter not helped by my thought to use DMC embroidery floss, making it very difficult to pull the needle through the fabric).

My serks will also be extra-authentic - due to some minor errors, there are patches in the sleeves of one, and the body panel of the other had to be partly assembled from other pieces of fabric. (Though I don’t have a citation, I’m told that this happened quite a lot in-period - given the time-consuming nature of making linen, one wasted none of it.)

Part of the neckline of my serk. Hopefully, in a few days, I'll be able to post completed images and stuff.

My apron-dress

Sadly, the navy blue suiting wool I bought turned out to be far too light, and double-layering it wouldn’t have worked out.

But, I lucked out and managed to get my hands on Lincraft’s poly/wool blend winter suiting, and with a $10 voucher so I was able to grab it at the last minute. I’ll have to watch it near fires, but for now, I’ll be in garb and warm so it’ll do. (Inner perfectionist is demanding a re-attempt sometime though.)

The trim is from RibbonsAndSilk on Etsy, who generously provided express shipping as well.

Top: a close-up of the navy wool. Bottom: the pack of trims from RibbonsAndSilk. I'll be using the orange one.

My feasting gear

I haven’t heard back in time about a wooden plate, so I’m borrowing one. So I’m fairly well set here.

On top of that, the handbag will make carrying quite convenient.

My accessories

With both turtle brooches, round brooch, pennanular brooch, and tablet-weave in - I’m all set there!

I still need to actually make my pouches, and I still need to get to the needle case. That has been complicated though, by the part where the lamb bones weren’t well-cleaned by being buried for a month…and soaking in water for a week hasn’t done much either. I may have to give up on that for now, unfortunately.

Other crafts

I’ve set to making some winter gloves and scarves for my SO; I’ll make a post about them later, with some commentary about why you need to pay attention to yardage in patterns (unlike me).

Because I only got one glove out of a whole ball of Bio-Lana.

I’m also making myself a scarf, in Mondial’s wool-cotton blend, and I’m making mittens for ICW. (I may also make handwarmers later.) Again, post forthcoming.

Partly finished, not up to length yet but I'm getting there.

And my socks are done! Unfortunately, I don’t quite have enough yarn over to make another full pair, but that means I have lots of scrap yarn for nalbinding practice.

So warm and soft! I want to make some more pairs for around home.

Other life stuff

I got a HD for my essay in Heresy & Witchcraft! If I get any requests, I’ll link a copy in my Google Drive or something. (I wish I could’ve gone further on it, but that darn wordcount…)


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