At uni

I’ve completed my annotated bibliography for my essay for Heresy & Witchcraft; I’m examining the case of Menocchio, aka Domenico Scandella, a crochety old heretic who didn’t know how to shut up.

I’m looking for some resources still, though. I would be especially interested in any texts on the Indexes of Forbidden Books from Italy in the mid to late 1500s or any texts on the censorship of printed books in the same time period. Lastly, I’d be interested in any texts on how people got their books in the era.

I’m about to start the first essays for Cognitive Science: Minds, Brains and Computes and Philosophy of Religion. Haven’t looked at the questions or readings yet though.


I’m working on repairing two pairs of pants, and trying to source a different type of press studs for a cardigan.

I’m also repairing the straps on a reusable bag, and covering a corporate logo on it. (I might also embroider something on it.)

I’m hoping to get started on the pen case, and I want to continue a set of crochet handwarmers.

If the weather holds, I’d also like to get some more tea jars done.


Still no new pens. Ink samples have arrived from Goulet Pens, and I have a sample of Iroshizuku inks on white Clairefontaine paper.

Other stuff

I’m looking at joining the Society for Creative Anachronism chapter at my university. They’ve given me lots of ideas for design and craft practice, and I take a lot of design and aesthetic inspiration from history, so it’s a good fit.

Anything else?

Mid-semester break is just one more week away.

In the Discord reading group, we’re up to Chapter 3 of Exact Thinking in Demented Times, Karl Sigmund and Douglas Hofstadter’s book on the Vienna Circle.


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