At uni

Still working on that essay on Menocchio, aka Domenico Scandella. I’ve happily been able to obtain copies of all of the books needed, though I won’t be doing too much writing on that one over the break.

And I really do need to actually start those two philosophy essays…


The cardigan is now using metal ring press studs; one day I might post about the differences.

Bag, pen case and and pants are on hold for a little bit, while I sort out SCA garb.

I’ve finished one crochet handwarmer, and I’m getting another underway. I might do a proper post on crochet and link the pattern I’m using. We’ll see.

Pens and writing

I’ve started my new 96-sheet Clairefontaine notebook; still pining for a threadbound, but I can wait. No new pens, or inks. My Kakuno is now inked with Pilot Iroshizuku Takesumi; RIP, Robert Oster Blue Water Ice. (It’s a very popular blue, so not easy to get hold of.)

Other stuff

As previously mentioned, I’ve joined the SCA chapter at my university (College of Blessed Herman the Cripple, in the Barony of Innilgard, Lochac). I’m working on garb for the July Inter-College War, and at the AGM I accepted the role of Chronicler so I’ll hopefully be getting that underway.

Anything else?

No classes for two weeks is bliss, especially when the train is down for track work for the entire Easter weekend.

In the Discord reading group, we’re up to Chapter 5 of Exact Thinking in Demented Times, Karl Sigmund and Douglas Hofstadter’s book on the Vienna Circle. Slide into my DMs on to find out more.


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