Wishlists elsewhere

  • Bandcamp - see the music wishlist for the ones I’m really after

  • Amazon - for books I can’t get for free (if I’m wrong about that let me know though!)

  • Wishlistr - general stuff-I-want-right-now wishlist, always updated

Craft supplies

  • I’m always happy to accept donations towards rescuing scrap bin fabric. It’s rare to find scrap that

  • I’m going to be going through an awful lot of calico with sewing, and most of my current projects are using very light fabrics like cheesecloth and muslin. But, if you know somewhere to get silk or silk-cotton blend fabrics for a reasonable price in Australia, it would be good to know.

  • I’m aiming to save up for a refurbished heavy-duty Bernina sewing machine; I know a retailer who sells them for around $400, but I don’t know the exact models yet. I may have a newish Singer Tradition going up for sale soon (it needs servicing and possible repairs) to contribute to this.

More specific wishlists

Getting stuff to me

If you want to send stuff to me, send an email or slide into my Mastodon or Discord (Dartigen#3114) DMs to get a mailing address.


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